Our Mission

ChaseApp is on a mission to bring every piece of scattered data from your cloud and computer straight to you at lightning speed!

Our Story

Back in 2012 our CEO Itay Itzhaki founded his first startup, and he witnessed first hand how the amount of applications they used increased constantly.

This created a mess, different teams used alternate programs for similar purposes, organizational memory was forgotten, important information disappeared and even when employees knew what files they were looking for, finding them was inefficient and slow.  

Soon after the successful acquisition of their company, when Itay looked for a new initiative, he approached Omer Koren, his childhood friend and colleague, and suggested they tackle this issue together.

Six months later they launched ChaseApp - a simple finder that solves everything in one blow: it allows any knowledge workers to reach any document, resource, page or platform in the organization in an instant.

Leadership Team

Itay Itzhaki
Software entrepreneur since the age of 13. Itay has extensive experience in the world of cybersecurity and holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in computer science from Tel Aviv University. He has a proven track record of creating remarkable solutions, and leading a startup from founding to successful acquisition.
Omer Koren
Software engineer with more than 15 years of experience. He holds two degrees in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University. Before founding ChaseApp, he held key roles in top startup companies.

Our Investors

One of the most prestigious and selective technology investor groups. Responsible for the creation of technology companies that have had aggregate exits in the multi billion USD, including:

Galileo Technology (IPO, Sold to Marvell)
Pixer (Sold to Carl Zeiss)
Annapurna Labs (Sold to Amazon AWS)
Lieba (Sold to Cisco)
Nusemi (Sold to Cadence)
Habana Labs (Sold to Intel)
Terrain Technologies  (Sold to Synopsis)
One of the most esteemed and prestigious Tel Aviv based venture capital firms, managing more than $500M. TLV Partners is dedicated to investing in innovative early stage and round A startups that bring revolutionary ideas to the forefront of technology.
Benny Schneidar
Angel Investor, Entrepreneur
Yuval Cohen
Angel Investor, Entrepreneur

Loved & Trusted

Our Offices

New York
Tel Aviv

Job Openings

QA Engineer
Tel Aviv
Product Analyst
Tel Aviv
Community Manager
Tel Aviv
Client side Tech Lead
Tel Aviv
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